December – Manoomin (Wild Rice) Recipe

Combining local traditional foods from the northwest with an Anishinaabe staple from the Great Lakes region, this recipe is a blend of places and flavors. Highly nutritious and just a little sweet, this dish is vegan, full of protein and whole foods, and contains no gluten.

Order manoomin (wild rice) from to support Honor The Earth and the White Earth Recovery Project. Manoomin: food that grows on the water, is a prophetic marker in the Anishinaabe story of creation, an aquatic grass that is harvested and prepared in a good way by the folks at Native Harvest.

Versatile as a side dish or main course, you can substitute greasy bird meats like duck or turkey in this recipe if you want to swap out the oil and nuts to make a different flavor and feel. Adjust and experiment!

Wild Rice
         Manoomin (wild rice)


3-4 tablespoons cooking oil (try Dr. Bronner’s magic all in one coconut oil)

1 cup Native Harvest manoomin

3/4 cup dried cranberries (unsweetened)

1 cup Pacific Northwest hazelnuts

¼ cup Awazibi maple syrup (give or take to taste)

2-4 cups fresh water


Soak rice overnight, making sure water covers all of it

The next day, stir rice and water and place coconut oil in frying pan over low heat (with water)

Stir-fry the rice and oil, adding water if necessary to keep the rice from drying out

Keep simmering over low heat, while that is simmering crush the hazelnuts with a rock or other kitchen tool

When the rice is puffed and has “popped” it is done-it will have the appearance of curling at the edges and the outer hull will split

Careful not to overcook—continue to add water if needed

Add cranberries and stir in just to heat

Add hazelnuts, drizzle with syrup, stir well and serve

Makes about 3 cups cooked!


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