June- The Muckleshoot Springer Drive

For the past four years, a fishing practice has been reclaimed in Muckleshoot territory.  This month will focus on a river, a community of fishermen, the relenIMG_1185tless trials of saving our salmon, and inspiring future generations to carry the torch of ecological restoration.  This month also features four authors from both the Muckleshoot Tribe and Northwest Indian Fisheries Commission.  Join Romajean Thomas, Valerie Segrest, Louie Ungaro and Emmett O’Connell (NWIFC) as we tell the story of the Muckleshoot Springer Drive.

On June 1st and 2nd, 2015- hundreds of Muckleshoot community members gathered on the banks of the White River, as their ancestors did generations before.  They gathered to feed a hunger, we call it “fish hungry” and it is representative of many levels of hunger.  Stay tuned this month to find out more about the historical context of this important community gathering.  We will share testimony, digital story, environmental concerns and a few delicious recipes.



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