May – Healing Ourselves and the Land

Screen Shot 2015-05-12 at 8.47.41 AMMay’s stories are focused on changes in the landscape for the Spokane Tribe of Indians, brought to us by Elizabeth Campbell, a Spokane tribal member and traditional foods advocate.

Elizabeth worked closely with several of her community members, the summer youth program and digital story trainer, Kristi Leora Gansworth, to produce a digital story that illuminates the changes in the landscape and the effects it has had on the health of the community.  She also shares with us the wonderful ecology of Camas, a culturally significant food for tribes throughout Washington State.

In spring 2014, Elizabeth facilitated a community discussion on Food Sovereignty, Safety, and Environmental Health Challenges with Spokane Tribal community members. Common themes emerged.

Many shared concerns regarding the current health of our people and the land. Rising suicide rates, cancers, diabetes and environmental toxins are indicators of the challenges our people face in living healthy lives. However, with each challenge comes an opportunity and, as people of this place, much responsibility.

Revitalizing our food culture and strengthening our food sovereignty is a way to gain stability in our communities’ health. We can do this through protecting our land from disturbances and cultivating our foods in a way that promotes cultural continuity.


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