February- Chinook: Land & Identity

Welcome to the Native TEACH Blog!  This site carries testimonies from mostly Washington tribes focused on environmental health issues and research projects on our most coveted resources.  Subscribe to get a weekly story that carries you throughout 2015.  We meant for this to be a calendar that centers around four main themes: the issue, the message, an artistic representation and a call to action.  Each week we will highlight these themes.

In February we are featuring the beautiful writings and artistic expression of Jessica Porter, member of the Chinook Indian Nation.  You can learn more about her message and important work on her Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/freerangethefilm/info

Here is an excerpt from next weeks post by Jessica:

“Land issues continue to be one of the single most devastating environmental challenges Native communities and their members face today. Systematic removal and relocation, through unconscionable means, reduced Native land title in the U.S. to only a fraction of a fraction of what it once was, dramatically impacting tribes’ and their members’ traditions, economic stability and overall wellbeing. For the Chinook Indian Nation, like so many other tribes within the U.S., these land issues are tightly interwoven with broader issues of identity and traditional practices.”


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