Kristi Leora Gansworth (December)

Leora is a published writer in several genres including fiction, poetry, and creative non-fiction. She is a lifelong dancer and bead-worker, taught by family and specializing in raised woodlands floral. Her creative written work has been used as an educational template for state testing since 2007. Growing up in traditional Haudenosaunee country where her father is member of the Onondaga nation, Leora is acutely aware of the need for Indigenous nations to move beyond destructive patterns introduced and supported by ongoing settler colonialism. A manuscript of her poems, “Dark Swimming” was globally released through Salt Publications via a curated chapbook series Effigies II, the combined work of several Indigenous female poets. Kristi has received degrees from Antioch University Seattle (MA Environment and Community) Goddard College (MFA-Creative Writing) and SUNY Buffalo (BA English).
Leora will be our featured research December of 2015.  Her writing shares environmental health perspectives from an urban Native perspective, some of her treasured poetry and a delicious wild rice recipe.

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