Romajean Thomas (June)

Romajean Thomas is an active leader of the Muckleshoot Food Sovereignty Project, which helps the Muckleshoot tribe south of Seattle train cooks and restore access to wild foods. Romajean is an enrolled member of the tribe and has worked in her community in the field of Human Services in a variety of capacities for 10 years. She holds a B.A. in Human Services and a M.A. in Strategic Communication. Her natural strengths and gifts are around working with people, communication design, facilitation, and community outreach so the natural path for her was in the communications field. Her vision is to continue to work in communities of color, particularly in Indian Country because the breadth and depth of her work is in that arena. However, she does see herself as a global citizen and would love to continue her work around food security on a national and global scale, taking a systemic approach to this world wide issue.

Romajean is largely responsible for all video work contributed to this blog. Other contributions of her research on this particular project will be featured September 2015 and focuses on her facilitated discussion with students from the Muckleshoot Tribal College.


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