Tleena Ives (April)

Tleena Ives is an enrolled member of the Port Gamble S’Klallam Tribe and is a single mother of four children: Kaylayla, Kanim, Kiaya and Kah-Ty.  Tleena has a BA, Liberal Arts in Indigenous Education from Evergreen State College.  She is a former Miss Indian USA, the first to represent a Northwest Tribe.  Tleena is the current Together For Children Project Coordinator with the PGST and has several years working in Head Start as a Culture & Language teacher.  Her previous work experience includes working as a consultant/ trainer with the National Head Start Family Literacy Center, Collaborating with Indian Health Services as a Trainer for Digital Stories, Fitness Trainer for “Physical Activity Kit” Curriculum for Native Communities, and also as a Trainer & Development Specialist for the Colville Tribe’s Child Support Program.

Tleena’s story on environmental health perspectives collected from Port Gamble Sk’lallam mothers became a children’s book that will be featured in April 2015.  The book is incredible- stay tuned!


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