April – Cleaning Up Point Julia

“Point Julia is a sacred place to our people.  It is a place where we gather; for celebrations, for subsistence, and to hold the memories of where our people once lived.  There are beautiful stories my grandmother shared with me about how my great- great grandpa, whose tamanawus was a killer whale, would go to the beach and he was able to whistle in the Kloomachin (killer whale). It fascinates me to think about my grandma when she was my kids’ age, and how she would pull a canoe across the bay to attend elementary day school.

“Today Point Julia is a place my dad likes to visit daily, to start his day with prayer, coffee, and to watch the fish jump.  It is a place I go even when I am not physically there; I close my eyes and imagine the beauty and power of my homeland, to gather strength, quiet my mind, or to help me as I visualize the dreams I have for my family and the future.

“Our beach is shared and loved by many and is an integral part of what make us the Port Gamble S’Klallam people, the Strong and Clever ones.” –Tleena Ives

The Port Gamble S’Klallam Tribe and the Department of Ecology partnered in 2014 to clean up Point Julia on Port Gamble Bay. Point Julia is the home to the tribe as a place for ceremonies, fishing, and harvesting shellfish. Thousands of pounds of trash and debris, more than a dozen derelict vessels and trailers, 300 tires, a beached barge and the dilapidated pier have all been removed.

Here’s  a short video, Cleaning Point Julia on Port Gamble Bay. It is posted with permission from Emmett O’Connell, NW Indian Fisheries Commission  


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